In the area around Stömne there are many possibilities to go on shorter and longer canoe trips. You experience nature very close. To silently float on the lake, maybe to see a moose along the shore or a beaver that swims through the water are unique experiences. The region is only sparsely populated and characterized by huge forests, numerous rivers and lakes, picturesque islands, and a diversity of wildlife. The waters are crystal clear, so clear that you can drink from them. During a several day paddle tour you cook over open fire or on spirit stoves. Everything you need you take with you in the canoe. In Sweden applies the Right of Public Access. The Right of Public Access is a unique right to roam freely in the countryside without disturbing and destroying. In protected areas such as Glaskogen nature reserve there are special rules regarding the Right of Public Access. Read more about it on Glaskogen’s homepage under the section ‘Regulations in the reserve’.

For any kind of canoe related arrangements don`t dare to contact us or the Arvika Canoe Center:

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