Glaskogen nature reserve

There you find more than 300 km marked walking trails. Canoeing trails also lead through the region. The heart of Glaskogen is the lake Stora Gla, the largest of the almost 80 lakes within the nature reserve. Windbreaks and resting places provide a perfect infrastructure to all canoeists and hikers. Glaskogen is only sparsely populated. There are no high mountains but the nature reserve is characterized by hilly landscape. Canyons and rock formations guarantee for exciting adventures. Moose, hare, fox, roe, badger, and lynx are common animals in Glaskogen, but even wolves live in the region.

In winter time, if there is enough snow, a 5 km ski track is prepared with its starting point in Lenungshammar. The frozen lakes are perfect for long-distance skating.

For using the facilities in Glaskogen nature reserve such as dry toilets, fire places, wind breaks, resting places, overnight cabins, firewood and trash cans you need a visitor’s card. The amount paid for the card will go to maintaining the area.